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Tech Modernization Done Right

Our heavy duty technology sister agency Headstorm has created some of the leading tech platforms available to Fortune 500 and mid-size enterprise companies.

We recently partnered on several large projects and realized that while modernization was a focus for many companies large and small, not everyone understood what it took to really approach tech modernization in a smart, value focused way.

In this article, Headstorm dives into how they approached a healthcare client, and how their approach netted increases in both efficiency and revenue.

A quick preview:

We then made sure that all the key stakeholders in the project completely understood the impact of the solution. That meant bringing in both the technical teams led by their technology lead AND their other executive team members. Developer needs decreased by 80% as a result of a single code base. Costs were reduced exponentially. Customer experience increased due to the responsiveness of React Native. Rollouts no longer split off into multiple paths that needed to be managed with scrutiny and nervousness. Spend less and make customers happier. It was a much easier business case to present than just pushing technology.

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