CommandHound helps teams and companies hold each other accountable for their responsibilities through a powerful yet simple application. Executives and managers can easily leverage CommandHound to provide in-depth performance reports about employees and use the data points to determine the right course of action.

Logo Design

CommandHound was originally called CPC software, but was renamed to avoid confusion with other marketing acronyms associated with “CPC”.

When we heard the name CommandHound, immediately, we thought of the old European hunting dogs that assisted their owners locate and pursue their quarry – much like the software would help managers find the right pieces of employee performance data.

After several rounds of design, we decided to create the final logo using polygons to construct a hunting dog silhouette. Our idea to use polygons came from the fact that accountability and performance review often consists of many parts…but CommandHound turns the parts into defined, data-oriented metrics.


With the rebranding, the application also needed a face-lift on several parts from a user experience and interface perspective. We made many of the interactive elements more intuitive, and branded the application around the new branding.