If You’re Memeing This, It’s Too Drake

If You’re Memeing This, It’s Too Drake

A study in branding from hip-hop’s most marketable rapper.

Drake’s album Views came out early this morning and wherever you look, everyone already has an opinion about it. Beyond his non-stop parade of catchy singles, an important element of his popularity is the fact that Drake is hip hop’s most meme-able rapper.

The Internet can’t help but make fun of this guy, who makes many questionable decisions and even more goofy facial expressions. You would think that this constant stream of flak would be a PR nightmare, but the thing about Drake is that he’s able to take all of it in stride and make it work for him. Throughout all of these memes you’ll notice in him a quality that Nassim Taleb might call antifragile: no matter how much fun you make of him, he just keeps coming back stronger than before.

It’s a good lesson about the viral nature of branding, and marketers would do well to pay attention to how he’s making use of this publicity and why it has endured for so long. So without further ado, here is a meme timeline of The Fold CG’s favorite rapper.

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